Establishing the integrated information system of Hyundai Green Food

In November 2011, Hyundai Green Food began a project aiming to integrate five systems operated by the three different companies which ran their respective business sectors (including food materials distribution, retail, restaurants, and catering). As the system development had to be completed by the time of opening a new logistics center, only 7 months were permitted for the project. This was a fairly complicated project in that developers had to combine clearly different user environments as well as processes although each had their own master data and system. Therefore, the keys to the success of this project were development productivity and environmental integration.

Download this case study to learn why Hyundai Green Food chose the Nexacro Platform and the advantages the Nexacro Platform provided for Hyundai Green Food.

Why  Choose Nexacro Platform:

  • Operational aspect
  • Development aspect
  • Maintenance aspect
  • Effects of NEXACRO