Rapid Mobile App Development Platform

Empower your Development team with State-of-the-art JavaScript SDK with Multi OS, Multi Browsers and multi-language information processing.

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What is Rapid Mobile App Development?

RMAD an efficient and effective platform responsive to evolving corporate needs. Allows Development Teams to quickly and easily produce Mobile Apps for both large and small businesses.

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6 Hacks for The Enterprise Developer

How to save time and energy on your next mobile app development project

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Open Source In The Enterprise

Take a comprehensive look into what every developer should know before starting their next app.

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Will Mobile Application Development Follow The Path Of Web Development?

How to approach mobile application development.



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Weekly posts on everything you need to know for Enterprise Mobile App Development.

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HTML5-based Javascript framework

  • Supporting various business UI∙UX components
  • Supporting RUNTIME and HTML5 version simultaneously
  • Supporting links to various frameworks


Multiple Display Environments

  • Supporting multi-language processing
  •  Compliance with the web standard
  • Screen size by platform
  • Supporting web accessibility


WYSIWYG-based Drag & Drop Environment

  • Over 30 unified components
  • Supporting large data business
  • Supporting Drag & Drop interface
  • Unifying and standardizing event processing by device


Intuitive User Experience-User Interface

  • Grid component support
  • User combination keys (function keys, etc.) control
  • Application program link support
  • Intuitive visual effect function


Recent News

AnDevCon 2015

We are glad to announce that the Nexaweb Team will be attending The World’s Largest Android Developer Conference held July 29-31, 2015 in Boston, MA.  Please stop by booth 501 for a Nexacro Demo and meet our team! Hope to see you there. read more