Nexacro N

QuickCode Development Platform for the Hyperconnected Era

Nexacro N

Digital is the new normal in today’s hyperconnected society, and digital transformation is at the core of all business strategies. Nexacro N brings a new competitive advantage to corporate business.


Innovative Low-Code Development Environment

Low-code development is the most effective answer to today’s fast-changing digital environment.
Nexacro N transforms development elements into nodes to realize a true low-code development
environment and enable quick and easy application building.

Business Development Environment

 We live in hyperconnected societies where people, data, and objects are all connected to create new
value. Nexacro N provides a hyperconnected development environment where information between
various objects, data, and applications are analyzed and integrated.


A low-code environment that maximizes productivity via node-based UI development.

 QuickCode Core

High-productivity UI development is possible via a combination of three types of nodes: Model, View,
and Controller.

* Code customization is possible so that developers can create and edit QuickCode nodes

 QuickCode Assets

Four types of view templates and three types of controller assets are provided by default so that
QuickCode can be used immediately on a project.

Real OSMU & Integrated Development Environment

True one-source, multi-use.
Nexacro N provides an integrated development environment that covers everything from development to distribution

Nexacro Studio

Respond quickly to rapidly changing business issues with an integrated development environment
that provides support for everything from tools (UI, CSS, debugging, etc.) to app distribution.

Module Developer

Enhances convenience in project development by additionally providing separate module development tools, allowing developers to directly develop and distribute necessary modules.

High Scalability

Supports multi-execution environments and integration with various devices and provides the best environment for high compatibility with existing systems.

Multi – Runtime Environment

An optimal work environment for ever-growing multi-OS and -device issues, which provides both native and installation-free web environment

Device Manager

Integrated command filter management feature supports system connections between devices and industries quickly and easily by linking input information between various object

High Compatibility

TOBESOFT provides high compatibility with Nexacro 17 and traditional servers, as well as excellent compliance with web standards and powerful performance.

Support & Reference

TOBESOFT operates an extensive user ecosystem for customers and developers.


TOBESOFT provides a wide range of ecosystems for users, including the 365 technical support center, online and offline training, a developer community, and YouTube courses


TOBESOFT has completed more than 7,000 projects at home and abroad based on more than 20 years of experience and know-how, and 86% of the top 100 domestic companies are our customers.

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