The Nexacro Platform 14

Nexacro is a mobile application development platform for enterprise class applications. With Nexacro, your development team can build and deploy applications running on any platform, on any device. Our WYSIWYG , drag and drop, approach to development accelerates development cycles, simplifies design, and improves outcomes for your development organization.


Maximize development resources by developing a single application, regardless of the your organization’s platform requirements. Gain organizational flexibility, and improve the user experience by developing once, and deploying virtually anywhere.

  • Leverage a unified development environment for iOS, Android and web applications
  • Support, versus discourage, BYOD
  • Raise the visibility of enterprise applications within the C-suite


Nexacro simplifies the difficult task of developing enterprise class applications in a BYOD environment. Multi Layout Manager enables you to easily adapt screen sizes for a variety of devices – tablet, desktop, mobile – early in development cycle.

  • Screen size optimization for multiple devices
  • Use one source across all devices [to change the portrait and landscape screen view]
  • Avoid problems associated with supporting multiple devices and browsers


Nexacro Studio’s drag and drop functionality enables your development team to reduce development cycles and build applications quickly.  Our WYSIWYG development environment can help you quickly layout screens, objects and fields without the typical build and test approach.

  • Take advantage of numerous built in components, including charts, filters and check boxes
  • Accelerate the pace of UX/UI design
  • Simplify requirements gathering by involving stakeholders earlier in the process


Extensive API capabilities make it easy to connect your applications to critical enterprise level data. Nexacro’s packet compression technology reduces the client memory, and accelerates processing.

  • API support for multiple datatypes
  • Integrations available for XML, JSON, web services and extraction
    from legacy systems


The Nexacro Studio comes with robust security features which allow comprehensive protection during the development as well as the post deployment of your mobile or web application. Our diverse integrations with 3rd party modules allow for a wide range of security possibilities when deciding the best approach for your next application.

  • Flexibly link to 3rd party external modules of diverse vendors, including security modules, charts, reports, bankbook printers and card readers of diverse with HTML5-based JAVA script.
  • Supports compiled XML which ensures source security
  • Enables script-based URL call method to hide the address (URL) of the screen to the user as well as blocks the general ‘View source’ function so that users cannot use it
  • Adds the compile function to make it possible to convert the XML, the screen source, into a Binary file
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