Smart Factory System

  • This system is used for monitoring various voltage currents, power, temperature and humidity.
  • Displays real time data and recorded data.
  • Using Bar charts, Gauge charts, Radar charts, Line charts, Vibration charts.
  • Provides images about the equipment’s status.

Main Screen

Description of Main Screen:
  1. Displays current date and time
  2. Displays status of current environment and temperature standards:
    • Below 0 DANGER zone
    • 0-17 BAD zone
    • 18-28 GOOD zone
    • 29-33 BAD zone
    • Above 33 DANGER zone
  3. Moving to EMS Screen
  4. Displaying power consumption
  5. Moving to monitoring environment screen
  6. Displaying environment monitoring status, temperature, humidity

EMS Screen

Description of EMS Screen:

  1.  Displaying current status of Voltage, Currents and Power
    • Display voltage status: If exceeds 250 voltage button will become red, otherwise remains green
    • Display current status: If exceeds 80 current button will become red, otherwise remains green
    • Display status of power: If exceeds 3000 power button will become red otherwise remains green
  2. Displays Gauge chart for Voltage, Electric current and Electric power.
    • Updates status every second
  3. Displays Bar chart for voltage, current and power
    • Updates status every second

Monitoring Environment Screen

Description of Monitoring Screen:

  1. Displays current status of temperature and humidity of VOCs
  2. Displays temperature, humidity of VOCs Gauge Chart
    • Updates every second
  3. Display line chart of temperature, humidity of VOCs
    • Updates every second
  4. Shows values of X, Y, Z variables
  5. Shows variation chart of X, Y, Z
    • Updates every 0.5 seconds

Screen for Defect Status

Description of Defect Screen:

  1. Defect rate for data, updating process for maximum and minimum value
  2. Radar chart of defect rate data
  3. Radar chart of maximum and minimum value

Relationship screen

Description of Relationship Screen:

  • Displays relationship between  sensor data and defect rates

Sensor Data Screen

Description of Sensor Data Screen:

  • Process data search by Date, WorkShop, Condition’s value
  • Displaying the line chart measured values of sensor reader’s data values
  • Briefly display the measured real time values, received by data sensors
  • Displays measured values by Date, Workshop, Condition
  • Shows percentage values for value ratio